[Request for Comment] Short Term Delegation Experiment

Name: Patrick
Address or ENS: 0x628A1E8143133aC5f26b920797649b21585F72F6
Discord username: Patrick B

At this time I would like to propose myself as a candidate for consideration to fill one of the open delegate roles. I have been interested in cryptography since 2017 and passionately interested in the 0x Protocol since 2018 with a keen interest towards the evolution of the governance framework. I have been an active brainstorming community member and my most recent activity and focus of interest has been involved with drafting the 0x Constitution which can be found here on the following thread. You may also further explore my submission of membership consideration for the 0x Governance Security Council within the following thread. With the communityโ€™s support, I am eager to continue my passionate growth with the 0x Protocol by helping to safeguard the protocols governance process as a delegate and assisting to ensure that the future expansions of the protocol and ecosystem are most beneficial towards the long term growth and sustainment of the protocol and its community. Thank you for your consideration.