0x DAO bootstrap delegates

We are only a few weeks apart from the launch of 0x DAO, the decentralized organization governing the 0x protocol. In its first iteration, 0x DAO manages and controls a community treasury seed-funded by 0x Labs. Refer to @nikita’s post for more details.

Leaving the technical details aside, 0x DAO is made of people. It is those individuals that are ultimately accountable and responsible for proposing, discussing, championing proposals, and exercising their voting rights via the ZRX token.

With that in mind, 0x Labs is gathering a list of bootstrap delegates that will shepherd the initial steps of governance decentralization. These individuals and/or entities will receive enough delegated voting power to autonomously create treasury proposals, and to coordinate and execute them with neither the authority, nor the intervention of 0x Labs.

In the last few weeks, we have contacted individuals and teams from the 0x ecosystem (community members and 0x integrators) to gauge their interest in being part of the bootstrap delegates group.
We are sharing here the current list, and introduce an informal vote of confidence by the community.
In the following poll, select any representative of the community you’d like to have a bootstrap delegate. Multiple choice is possible and encouraged (including selecting them all).

Bootstrap delegates vote of confidence

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Feel free to comment here if you’d like to be included in the list. Review the ‘typical activities of a bootstrap delegator’ in the 0x DAO announcement.
Note: the allocation of additional voting power will be managed by 0x Labs following the community feedback and it’s not fixed in time (additional voting power can be adjusted and revoked).


Great to see this progressing!. Thanks
Quality list of candidates


Thanks for creating this thread @mintcloud. The initial cohort for the 0x DAO should be comprised of 0xLabs and any stakeholders that have added value to the growth of the network to date. For example, cbovis who built 0x Tracker or @nikita who has been volunteering his team to talk to new members of community. The list goes on, etc. We do not want to make people who contributed value feel excluded by only naming a few. Out of that list you can then have delegates as you have suggested who volunteer and help build the DAO. It would be like a council and delegates get elected on a recurring basis. From a governance perspective, it is not a good idea to give overweight voting power to a small group of people.

My technical knowledge is far from yours, nevertheless I see how is progressing this great project.
I have started to know the crypto and defi world only a few months ago, but I saw and noted immediately, that the 0x is outstanding and overtops among the others, because it is not only business.
Congratulation to the founders and to everybody, who moves forward 0x.


Adding also @evgeth from the Zerion team in the list. We cannot change the poll at this moment, but feel free to upvote this comment to show support!


JIC, I am from the Zerion team :wink:

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Sorry Evgeny, I just corrected!

Brilliant loving this process