0x Protocol adoptions goes beyond 0x API

Just wanted to share with the community the fact that while 0x is competing for distribution with other companies like 1Inch, Paraswap, and other meta-aggregators, 0x Protocol is getting used natively in these aggregators as well.

Have a look at this dashboard where we’re tracking where 0x Protocol is being used. It turns out that some Liquidity Providers in 1Inch Fusion are using OTCOrder natively to provide liquidity. Cowswap had solvers doing the same for a while, and Metamask engages with SCP, a Market Maker providing RFQ liquidity using RFQOrder natively (after having provided it through 0x API for a period of time). Paraswap has been doing that for while too, although they recently moved to their new native order format.

This should be welcomed positively. It’s an early manifestation of the vision the 0x team set at the infancy of the project, that is to build a Protocol for exchange.
The act of establishing a set of standard, efficient rules, allows for interoperability between parties. Software architects refer to this concept as Narrow Waist.

Another way to interpreting this is that there are more companies than 0x that rely on 0x Protocol. They reasonably care about its correct functioning and security. It’s not impossible to think of such companies as participants in the governance life of the protocol, as their business depends on it. While it’s not immediately clear how to make that happen, it’s useful to start realizing we might arrive at that scenario in the future.


Thanks for sharing, but similar to cumulative charts, % charts can be easily misinterpreted and/or misleading if viewed in isolation or without an understanding of the underlying definitions and/or assumptions. Given that this is a only a % chart and only from the 0x protocol POV, it seems that for meaningful insights and decisionmaking, it would be helpful to see an absolute USD value chart plus data showing the % and absolute USD value of 0x protocol usage in the volume of the other protocols/aggregators to analyze and interpret adoption trends and the effects they are likely to generate that should either be amplified or mitigated.

For example, without the other contextual data, this chart and the way it was framed could also be interpreted as indicating either or both of the below:

  1. a trending decrease in volume to 0x protocol from other aggregators (loss of overall technology/market share)

  2. volume that is being categorized differently, i.e., attributed to OTCOrder or RFQOrder vs 0x API (so no increase in adoption at the protocol level)


that’s a good point. Maybe we could fund a research piece in Dune Analytics, where it would be easier to get that ‘macro’ data from other projects to understand what % share 0x Protocol has there

here’s the same viz non stacked. The week with the peak was the one with SVB run and USDC depeg

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