0x Starter Project - call for proposals

0x Starter Project was the most immediate ‘go-to’ place to send developers willing to get their hands dirty with lower-level 0x integrations - for example, apps using limit orders or trading bots.
The package was never updated to 0x v4 and it’s been almost 9 months since it was labeled as deprecated.
Unfortunately, we at 0x Labs team are busy with other priorities, and we don’t have the bandwidth to do it.

Are there any smart contracts developers or teams out there that would be up for the challenge? I’m pretty sure the community would be supportive to fund the effort leveraging the Treasury funds (or maybe via 0xEVE? cc @nikita )


let me try.
i want do this.


that’s awesome! I think once we see the first PR and commits we could start setting up the grant


I took a crack at starting v4 support in a forked repository here: GitHub - alexkroeger/0x-starter-project at v4

Right now there is just support for filling a limit order, but I would be interested in building it out!


@alex_kroeger I think the whole community would be supportive of you building it out entierely. I have no doubt you will be able to do it . For those who don’t know you, Alex worked at 0x Labs for 2+ years and is intimately familiar with toolkits and contracts.

Do you prefer to discuss a grant proposal at this stage? If that helps, I personally had in mind something in the ballpark of the Instant gitcoin bounty led by @JoaoCampos89 (10,000 ZRX).
@nikita is this something 0xEVE would be open to support? We could also have a snapshot vote in case, so to avoid a lengthy treasury onchain vote.

In fairness, I’d like to give @one an opportunity to confirm his application and/or propose to contribute in parallel.


@mintcloud – yes, EVE could fund!

@one @alex_kroeger – excited to move forward on this! please post more detail here and fill out this grant application form to get the process started https://forms.gle/xkhsE8W7jDHuHCK8A


thanks @nikita! @one DM me if you’re interested in a collab or figuring out how to work in parallel

at alex_kroeger on TG


submitted an application :white_check_mark:


no dm, is discord okay?
I hold zrx for four years and want to share something for the 0x project.


I am supportive of @alex_kroeger do this grant/task. This documentation is really important for onboarding new devs. At my first time onboarding to ZRX, I used this documentation as my basis for learning about the v3 of the protocol, so an ex ZRX with knowledge of the protocol doing this task is a plus.


you are right :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ZRX IS GOOD PROJECT I LOVE IT

@alex_kroeger would be great to get involved with this!

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I think your :+1:some one help me get on track