0xpo 2022+ activities

Hey all,

0xpo was a game-changer for me and I participated in nearly all the activities there. Really enjoyed it.

A few ideas for the next conference, which could have sections of the activities including metaverse participants.

It was awesome walking away with some swag exclusive to 0xpo. Food was amazing. Venue was a perfect fit for the amount of people there.

  1. Show 8 artworks, that artists have created outside of their typical style of art, without watermarks or signatures, with an 0x theme. Group them into 4, for in-person and metaverse attendees.
  • 0x Treasury can be used to provide the artists a stipend for creating the work, based on their 1/1 edition average floor price.
    -Each 0xpo attendee can redeem one of NFTs
    -The NFTs redeemed the most will make the winning artists eligible to then auction a 1/1 NFT live at 0xpo. (total of 2 auctions)
    -Half of the proceeds of the auction go to a pre-approved charity of the 0x DAO’s choice, half to the artist.

Previous 0xpo - Passport activity. At the last 0xpo, each vendor stamped passports of attendees who learned about their product.

New concepts

  1. OpenSea or other NFT platform attends with 2 up-and-coming digital artists. The artists have a free NFT that attendees can claim off of a business card with a QR code provided by the artist. Some art from each artist could be displayed and attendees could get to know them and their work. Platform rep and artists can also walk users through features of the platform.

  2. Avatar projects - have 0x DAO list out several avatar projects, then use a ZEIP to decide the final avatar project that can send an attendee to 0xpo. They can be loaded with stickers, t-shirts, other merch. Avatar projects can give away a few avatars to attendees.

  3. If any projects attending are doing a major drop of a new product or service or partnership with 0x, have them do it at 0xpo. They can demonstrate the new features at their booth and build hype and excitement. An in-person announcement of a big milestone for 0x would be a fun way to kick off the day.

Open to feedback!