Help with creating stake pool


Can someone please advise in a step by step fashion how to create a stake pool. I have some decent Linux skills , but thats about it.

I have tried to follow this post and its fine up to here as I have the following understood I think.

What do I need to get started?
In order to get started, you need the following information:

a unique address set as the pool operator. This does not need necessarily need to be the primary address you use to create 0x orders as a maker. This address is the one you will use to manage the staking pool.
(optional) other addresses you are using to create 0x orders as a maker.
an initial amount of ZRX . You can later add more ZRX, or widthdraw them. Other ZRX token holders can decide to stake with your pool, if they find an incentive (see next point). The minimum amount required to route protocol fees into the pool is 100 ZRX at any time (see here).
your operator share. This value represents the percentage of rewards that the pool operator is willing to share with its delegators. The value can be set between 100 (the total rewards are assigned to the pool operator) to 0 (all rewards are assigned to delegators). A market maker can decide to decrease the operator share value to attract delegators to stake more ZRX tokens with them. Once a staking pool is created, it is possible to only decrease this value.

I followed the install 0x-starter-project repo, section on the Git hub and that seemed to go ok.

Where I start to struggle is the section; Create a staking pool

The post jumps ahead in terms of logic about what the reader might understand. Its not clear where I’m supposed to paste this solidity code for example do I need to be running a relay to run a stake pool? If so am I editing a config file with the solidity code or some other type of file in the relay module/program. If not a relay, is there some other requirement/program need to run, where does this solidity code go?

What would be really helpful is a step by step video end to end on how to create a stake pool. If 0x protocol is to move into the next phase of adoption, semi technical people like me will need support in these types of activities from the community, otherwise it will remain as a wonderful developer project.

Thanks in advance.