How to Improve Tokenomics and Awareness?

I am a long time ZRX holder, supporter, and community member. As a community how can we discuss enhancing the value assigned to the ZRX token? It is clear that 0x as a protocol has made significant progress over the years in terms of adoption, yet we as a community see little value still assigned to the ZRX token itself.

When will the 0x team hold a more open discussion around this topic? When will governance actually matter in relation to this protocol?

This morning when reading through the 0x Blog (0x Ecosystem Update #19) I noted that there is not a SINGLE MENTION of the 0x Project being associated with ZRX.

When will we hold the leaders of the project more accountable for the lack of information that is being put out to the public?

This community deserves better.


I honestly don’t understand what is going on. The recent $70M investment into 0x was a massive boom to our credibility – plus the protocol’s volume is performing well + so many great new integrations.

And yet radio silence when it comes to the actual token. What is going on? It’s like shooting yourself in the foot when you have such a good thing going. Such silly inertia over something so basic that will only help the protocol.

Some update, literally anything, would be nice.

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Exactly. This is not related to “price pumping” or anything of that sort. It is literally related to acknowledging that the ZRX token is associated with the 0x Project! It is completely ridiculous that the community has to ask for such things, but this is where we have arrived. The project leaders have abandoned mentioning any association at all with ZRX with regards to the 0x Project.

Thanks for your thoughts @TonyDoughnuts , and sorry about the misleading messages. At 0x Labs we are focused on growth and value creation for our customers, which is reflected in updates like the ones you see in the 0x Blog today, such as Ecosystem Update.

I might not be immediately obvious, but the simple equation is:
more applications using 0x Labs product >> more usage on 0x protocol >> the stakes around 0x governance are higher >> ZRX

This is in our opinion the most concrete way to contribute to the vision of 0x becoming the vehicle through which tokenized value flows freely. We use similar language when hiring for roles in our team. Focusing on the token in itself doesn’t achieve much if there’s no value being created, or in other words, if there’s no network worth governing.

Where we should look at is at the first step of the equation. 0x Labs should not be the unique entity responsible for generating value and growth for the 0x network. The are other projects in the ecosystem outside of 0x Labs such as (which did receive funding from the 0x Treasury) that are growing nicely and building their own ecosystem, including Coinbase NFT which is using their sdk.
We need more of those, because they raise the value of governing 0x, and introduce new members as governing bodies. That also works on the other side: what would it take for Coinbase to be part of the governance life of 0x? At 0x Labs we are thinking about these questions as well.

Programs such 0x Grants help in that regard, supporting projects to get off their feet.
The community of ZRX holder can already contribute by supporting these programs, proposing new ways of spending the ZRX Treasury, and continue discussing in this forum about new ways of generating net value for web3 users using the 0x protocol.