[Request For Comment] 0x Constitution

Software code is speech and protected under the observance of the first amendment which means that a sovereign individual has the right to write code and have it recognized under the classification of speech. Once the code is written and formulated into a working product, the code is judged along the same guardrails that speech is judged against. Which circles back to the list of regulations that govern speech and differentiate the types of formats that are not acceptable and deserve no protection under the first amendment. Which points out the prominent objective of a constitution. To safeguard against unwanted toxic behaviors that prove detrimental towards the framework and its longevity sustainment. Working products that are created through the exercising of the first amendment are still working products that are affiliated to the body of origin and therefor which gains the working product the ability to be protected under intellectual property rights. For the IP rights classification to exist, a body of origin need be defined, and the originating source is the one that defines the right by which the working product is utilized.

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