Staking with Coinbase wallet "Transaction aborted" after paying ETH

Hi everyone

Just in need of some help. I’ve started staking using my Coinbase wallet through However, I come to the confirmation page with recap of how it works and after paying my ether I click the button to start staking, but it just says “Transaction aborted” and it won’t let me complete the process.
Every time I click retry it says “waiting for signature” and “confirm in Coinbase”, which I already did once for the ETH.

Any ideas of how to fix this? Bit frustating as it’s already taken my funds.
Thanks in advance!

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Did this take your eth or your ZRX too? Are you comfortable sharing the transaction on chain?

Thanks for the quick response

It just took ETH, no ZRX

This is the transaction


I got it working a few days later after trying again. Although, I had to pay the eth again. Not sure where I can submit this as feedback to 0x, but seems there was a bug that didn’t allow me to stake even after paying the gas.

Thanks for your help!

Noted, will circle back.

It’s not a bug. The transaction you posted was to approve the smart contract that allows the contract to move your tokens within the staking system. You have to do that first. Only after you complete that approval can you transfer your tokens into the staking contract. The reason it appeared to work “the second time” is because it was the second step in a two-step process (the first one being to approve the contract).

Gotcha! So I’m guessing you need to wait some time before this second step will work?
Probably needs to be clearer in the UI and/or a more verbose description of what’s happening.

Hi, I have the same problem when staking using me Metamax wallet. I got the link to sign for the transaction which I did, it charged the ETH and then I go the Tranaction Aborted message. I keep trying but nothing happens.
Any ieas ? Thank you.

To stake, there are two transactions. One to approve the contract and one to move your tokens into the contract. If your second transaction is giving you an error, it is most likely because you don’t have enough ETH in your wallet to pay for the gas. Recommend you try to monitor for a time when gas costs less and/or add more ETH to your wallet.

Hi Nikita,

Thank you for your reply, I shall try that. Do you know approximatlly how much is the second charge ? The first charge was £10.82 (ie 0.00752 ETH), may wallet at the time of the charge still had £13.63 (ie 0.00948 ETH) left ? Thank you.

From a message @mintcloud posted in the discord:

I would recommend using to set a less aggressive gas price to save some money on the transaction.

Sometimes there is a huge difference between ‘instant’ and ‘low’ gas prices.
For a 250000 gas transaction (such as staking), a gas price of 100gwei means $15, and 50gwei means $7.5…a big difference!

Granted, you need to be careful as the transaction could revert if you set a ‘too low’ gas price, but you can save easily a few $ if you’re ok with waiting a few minutes for the confirmation

Hi Nikita, that great,thank you.

I ran into this issue as well, it would be incredibly helpful if the error indicated you lacked ETH to perform the two steps. The first step cost .0113 (~US$20), second step was .0551 (~US$95). It would also be very nice if the UI could indicate these fees are coming in some form or another. The UI, while very nice, makes it seem that you only need ZRX tokens, not ETH in the same wallet.

Totally agree with all this! Needs to be much more verbose.