UI update - tokens with massive supply -

Hi team,

I am testing tokens with extremely large supplies for limit orders and other functions.

The UI currently has an issue where the price is overlaid by the ticker text for the coin you’re swapping for. Please see the example below with AKITA. This will also impact SHIB and FEG tokens.

I was meditating on how to do this.

Zeros are often tough when dealing with small amounts.

What if there was a function to group the Zeros. So instead of .000000005 it was .(8 0s) 5

You could have a way to hover over #s on matcha and the tooltip would show the number of zeros in that format.

So I type .00000005 in the box and can hover for (7 zeros), or toggle to the .(7 0s)5 format

There’s a function like that in the staking contract if I’m not mistaken… I noticed it when looking at Theo’s directions for moving stake directly using the contract instead of thru the website ui.

Hey @cryptohydrate, thanks for the call out and suggestion! Since this forum is for 0x Protocol-related discussion, I’m going to lock this thread and direct you to our Matcha Discord/Telegram chat to share and discuss this. Alternatively, feel free to drop us a chat on matcha.xyz. :+1: