[UPDATE: CLOSED][Call for devs] Add wCELO balances in /treasury page

[UPDATE]: This proposal has been picked up and deployed in production by @vjnrv :pray:

The 0x Treasury will soon have wCELO balances as a result of the injection of capital by the Celo foundation.

Currently, ZRX Portal Treasury page does not support any other tokens than ZRX and MATIC. We want to see the total amount and the pie charts to reflect accurately the Treasury funds!

I’ve created an issue in the ZRX Portal open-source repo and it would be awesome if a volunteer could step up and work on it.


@nikita is this something 0xEVE would consider funding?

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sure, but assuming that over time the treasury will comprise additional assets, is it possible to do this in a way that reads all assets in the account address rather than only specific ones?

It’s possible, but not super easy as I’m not sure if Coingecko has a way to pull prices from token addresses (as this is what we could read from the Treasury)

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I’d be happy to do it. I would probably need to use another free api if you want to automatize the process for every new token, would that be ok?

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Sure, which one were you thinking about?
In any case, feel free to open up a PR and proceed.
First come first served - with acceptable code quality, someone at 0x Labs will review.

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