ZEIP-96 | MetaTransactionsFeatureV2 and Multiplex upgrades


ZEIP-96 extends the existing MetaTransactionsFeature and MultiplexFeature to provide two main benefits: (1) improve the gas cost of metatransactions and (2) allow multihop trades to include OTC orders.

The MetaTransactionsFeature extensions will further improve 0x Labs’ Tx Relay product which is currently in beta with Robinhood, to be introduced on Matcha and other apps. For more information about this, check out the blog post here: https://blog.0x.org/0x-labs-launches-tx-relay-api-in-beta-with-robinhood-wallet-as-first-partner/

Metatransactions enable users to complete transactions gaslessly leading to a smoother user experience.

The MultiplexFeature extension makes price competitiveness of meta-aggregation on top of 0x Protocol more competitive. Currently, routing that involves multiple hops excludes 0x Protocol OTC Order format, limiting the sources of liquidity that can be considered.

The audit for these new proposed changes has been completed by ABDK and can be found here: https://github.com/0xProject/ZEIPs/blob/master/zeip96_images/ABDK_0x_MetaTransaction_v_1_0.pdf The proposed code changes can be found here: https://github.com/0xProject/protocol/pull/665

Next Steps

We’d like to initiate a vote to approve ZEIP-96 to be incorporated into exchangeProxy on Thursday.


Thanks for the proposal of this feature. One more step to easily onboard new users, now users will be able to trade without even knowing that are using blockchain tech.

Trading on decentralized environments should be easy as on centralized parties.


This proposal passed on 4/11/23 (link).