0x API on Harmony ONE blockchain


Not sure if the right forum for this -

Sushiswap, Mochiswap and VenomDAO are all 3 dexes deployed on the Harmony ONE blockchain.

I recently worked closely with their dev team bridging a small ERC20 yield farm project over with a custom contract deployment, and they were quite responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Wanted to ask, has 0x explored deploying the 0x API on the Harmony ONE blockchain?

If so, Harmony could be integrated into Matcha.xyz and Harmony DeFi apps could integrate 0x natively on Harmony.


Following up:

EVM compatibility: Ethereum Compatibility - Harmony

Harmony growth stats and Sushiswap deployment: Sushi on Harmony Protocol. Another Leading DEX to the Harmony DeFi… | by Peter Abilla | Harmony | Apr, 2021 | Medium

SushiSwap: Data unavailable, checking with their dev team

VenomDAO: 22m TVL

MochiSwap: 12.5m TVL

Hope this info helps!


Thanks Drew, this is helpful. The highest signals on adoption in our opinion are two simple metrics

  1. volume
  2. number of traders (addresses)

For example

  • BSC: we can see from here that there are ~$4B traded by 300-400k addresses daily
  • Polygon (predominantely QuickSwap) has ~$2B and 38k MAU according to here
  • For Avalanche we have data on the lifetime addresses trading on Pangolin (~13K). Also they have trading data in the Uniswap.info clone
  • same for Honeyswap (uni clone) on xDAI
  • Confllux chain has an ad-hoc bitquery report here

Is there anything similar from Harmony? TVL unfortunately doesn’t give us real signal on adoption in our opinion

Thank you Theo!

Viper.exchange has an info page here. Checking to see if the other platforms have one yet for Harmony:


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Harmony is working on a new dashboard to provide all that info and much, much, much , much more!

analytics.harmony.one is planned to be a platform where Harmony users can see all metrics dashboard for harmony ecosystem.
Basically the website will be public and will have a dashboard with metrics taken automatically from:

Social media:
Twitter (followers+tweets+retweets)
Facebook (engagement,likes,follows)
Telegram (engagement+online+total)
Others (medium+wechat+linkedin+instagram)

SeeSwap (users, pools, liquidity, volume) - fetch info from coinspider
Swoop (users, pools, liquidity, volume) - fetch info from coinspider
ViperDex (users, pools, liquidity, volume) - fetch info from coinspider
Mochiswap (users, pools, liquidity, volume) - fetch info from coinspider

Bridge: assets, users, tx (defi summer)
Davinci: sales, assets, artists
Viper: accounts, assets
Mochi: accounts, assets
Blits: mau, dau, downloads

Gateways: fiat, wallets, exchanges
dApps: deploys, transactions, accounts
Staking: validators, delegators, tokens
Token: rank, price, full cap

Github: contributors, commits, pull requests
Gitcoin: funded, bounties, follows
Downtime: mainnet, testnet, api
Teams: full time, part time, work hours

dao: spends, votes, members
github: forks, stars, issues
discord: online, messages, total
newsletter: click, open, subscribe
website: clicks, bounces, visits
youtube: views, subscribers

NFT marketplaces:
LMA (user, art sold/on sale)
BeastQuest (user, art sold/on sale)
Soccerplayers (user, art sold/on sale)
Attari (user, art sold/on sale)
BeneFit (user, art sold/on sale)
Mochi.market (user, art sold/on sale)

Horizon ETH (liquidity locked)
Horizon BSC (liquidity locked)

Validators Mainnet ( total number elected/ not elected / total staked)
Validators testnet (total number elected/ not elected / total staked)

Tokens info:
fetch Coinspider front page ( https://coin-market-chart.herokuapp.com/)