Bounty for ZEIP creators

taking inspiration from

The ZEIP process accommodates any proposals by members of the community, but up to know the majority of the proposals came from the 0x Labs team.
In order to incentive participation and proactive proposals across the community-owned stack (smart contracts, Mesh etc), it could be interesting to introduce a bounty for the members who open and champion ZEIPs until a successful implementation (even if they are not the ones actually implementing it).

There are a few things that need to be taken into account:

  • we should probably restraint somehow the type of ZEIP that would benefit from this bounty. The process is off-chain so it could create strange distortions (for example, propose regular not meaningful change in parameters). Perhaps limiting for now to core proposals (smart contracts)?
  • The ZEIP process is administered by the 0xLabs team for now, which should most probably be exempt from this bounty.

What does the community think? Opening up a discussion

Another thing that we should take into account are proposals to off-chain portions of the stack (for example, Launch-kit or similar) that might result in ZEIPs and votes when it comes to funding Issues with the External Development Fund

Products like Launch kit and Instant could be take over by community if there is a demand for it, only need to set up the minimum requirements what should be maintained and which functionalities are desired.

Launch kit could be used as source for people check what is possible to do with ZRX protocol and maybe add some missing functionality like a swap like page using 0x Api, implementation of stop limit orders, usage of transformers, OTC desk. Documentation of ZRX is really good at the moment, but sometimes devs want to try the product already working and check the code behind it.

Instant could be added support for 0x api.