Delegate Grant Eligibility


We seek community input on allowing bootstrap delegates to be eligible for grant funding.


  1. 0xDAO is established with a seed-funded Treasury and nine bootstrap delegates, who have delegated voting power
  2. 0xEVE is approved as an experimental initiative to actively drive value creation and capture for the 0x protocol ecosystem
  3. 0xEVE publishes a framework to process and award grants, either directly from its own budget or from the Treasury via an onchain vote

A question has arisen as to whether delegates should be eligible for grants.

On one hand, delegates are some of the most active, personally committed, and technically qualified to successfully perform work that falls within the grant parameters and it would be against our interest to preclude them from doing so.

On the other hand, there is the potential for real or perceived conflict of interest, influence, or favoritism. We need to strike a balance that enables us to resource and reward deserving proposals, while also ensuring the integrity of the process.

We are unaware of other protocols explicitly making contributors and/or delegates ineligible for grants.


  1. Delegates must disclose if they are potentially a beneficiary of any grant
  2. Delegates must abstain from any vote in which they are a potential beneficiary

Action Required

Discuss in the forum and signal support or non-support via a snapshot vote.

Snapshot Vote

  1. Yes, delegates should be eligible for grant funding but must disclose and abstain
  2. No, delegates should be ineligible for grant funding
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