[Grant Request] Zeroswap

About zeroswap:

Zeroswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator protocol compatible with multiple blockchains, such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, Celo, Fantom, Arbitrum, and more. The platform is focused on allowing users to transact without incurring any fees. Zeroswap strives to simplify on-chain trading by combining various blockchain networks under one roof. ZeroSwap exclusively uses 0x technology’s best pathfinder mechanism to enhance user transactions with the added advantage of being gasless through ZeroSwap DEX while aggregating liquidity from multiple protocols.

Ultimately, Zeroswap aims to provide users with an effortless and streamlined trading experience by eliminating fees and enhancing liquidity.


Zeroswap seeks funding to enhance its gasless on-chain meta-dex aggregator platform. The proposed scope includes developing and implementing new features to improve efficiency, scalability, and user experience, such as making transactions faster, expanding liquidity pools, and integrating more blockchain networks.

The following guiding metrics define the success factors for this proposal:

  • Increase in daily active users and trading volume

  • Improvement in transaction speed and gas cost reduction

  • Expansion of liquidity pools and integration of additional blockchain networks

  • Positive feedback from users and the 0x ecosystem community

These metrics will be measured through analytics and user feedback.

Application Questions:

1.What category best describes your grant request?

Zeroswap’s grant application falls under multiple categories, including the use of 0x orderbooks, polygon deployment, and a new use case being built on top of 0xAPIs. We are excited to announce that we are offering gasless swaps on the Polygon chain using the 0x pathfinding algorithm.

Our integration with the 0x API allows us to provide users with the best quotes available on the market. We are committed to ensuring that the quotes are not changed and that all trades are MEV protected, ensuring that our users receive the best possible value. Also, 0x’s routing technology makes sure that trades are sent to the user, which makes the user’s experience even better.

Our gasless swap service on Polygon is a major improvement that makes things easier and more accessible for users. We believe that this integration will further strengthen our relationship with 0x and help drive the adoption and growth of both protocols.

In summary, our grant application falls under multiple categories, including the use of 0x orderbooks, polygon deployment, and a new use case built on top of 0xAPIs. We are excited to offer gasless swaps on Polygon using the 0x pathfinding algorithm, providing users with the best possible value and experience.

2.Grant amount requested?

The grant amount we requested is $100,000.

3.Point of contact?

Name and Email -

Chandrashekar Ramu (CEO): [chandra@zeroswap.io]

Aayushi Jain (COO): [aayushij@zeroswap.io]

4.Team Background


  • Puneet Bagewadi(CTO)

Puneet has been working as a professional for ten years and has honed his skills in a wide range of frontend and backend technologies. He now leverages his expertise as a data scientist to fuse machine learning, resulting in a ML-driven user experience that is both intuitive and seamless.

  • Gourav Naik - Backend lead at Zeroswap

Gourav has nine years of experience in software development, and he is experienced in building scalable, secure, and reusable products.

  • Eshwar Jawalagi - Frontend lead at Zeroswap Labs

Eshwar has nine years of experience building production-ready software employing scalable architecture, distributed computing, microservices, test-driven development, cloud infrastructure, and on-premise infrastructure.


  • Shiven singh

Shiven Singh leads the end-to-end design-related work. He has over eight years of experience working in startups and multinational organizations.

Business and Marketing

  • Prajjwal Yadav

Business & growth strategist with 5+ yrs. of professional experience. Skilled in scaling businesses and has worked across various industries, including F&B, Tech and Web3 and helped alleviate 20+ brands. Has a deep interest in blockchain & its applications and has been investing in crypto since 2018.

  • Aayushi Jain

Experienced Head Of Operations with a demonstrated history of working in the blockchain industry. Skilled in Operations Management, Customer Service, Blockchain, Product Development, and multiple blockchain technologies like Ethereum, Binance Chain, Avalanche, Polygon.


  • Pranav Sharma - Founding Partner at Woodstock Fund, Woodstock is a multi-asset investment fund house focused on investments in emerging technologies

  • Ravindra Kumar - Founder and CEO at Frontier Wallet, Ex-CTO at InstaDApp, Blockchain Developer, Android Developer, Crypto Investor.

  • Joel John - Principal at LedgerPrime, Writing stuff at decentralised.co. Angel investor in ±20 firms, Talks about #web3, #ethereum, #internet, #blockchain, and #cryptocurrency

5.Project Background:

Zeroswap is a multi-chain compatible decentralized exchange aggregator protocol focused on making zero-fee transactions possible. Zeroswap aims to make on-chain trading simple and easy by providing access to multi-chains like Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, Celo, Fantom, Arbitrum etc under one roof. The design of the core product allows it to function gasless and focused on aggregating liquidity from multiple protocols.

6.Description of the work to be funded with its breakdown?

  • Product development: $40,000. This would allow the Zeroswap team to invest in building new features and functionalities for the platform, such as improving the user interface, enhancing security measures, and adding support for additional blockchain networks.

  • Marketing and outreach: $20,000. This category would focus on increasing awareness and adoption of Zeroswap among potential users. Activities could include advertising, social media outreach, content creation, and sponsorships of relevant events and conferences.

  • Liquidity incentives: $20,000. By providing liquidity incentives to users and liquidity providers, Zeroswap can attract more users and liquidity to the platform. This could involve reward programs, referral programs, and other strategies to incentivize users to participate.

  • Community engagement: $10,000. This category would focus on building a strong community of users, developers, and other stakeholders around Zeroswap. Activities could include organizing meetups, hackathons, and other events to foster engagement and collaboration.

  • Research and development: $10,000. This category would support Zeroswap’s efforts to research and develop new use cases and innovations for decentralized exchanges and liquidity aggregation. This could involve collaborations with other blockchain projects and academic institutions, as well as internal R&D efforts.

7.Benefit to the 0x Ecosystem:

  • Increased liquidity: By allowing users to trade a wide range of assets directly from their wallets, ZeroSwap can increase the liquidity of the 0x ecosystem. This is because more traders are likely to use the platform, leading to more orders and a greater depth of the order book.

  • Improved user experience: ZeroSwap is designed to be easy to use with a simple and intuitive interface. This can help attract new users to the 0x ecosystem, including those who may not be familiar with decentralized exchanges.

  • Lower fees: ZeroSwap uses a unique fee structure that rewards users who hold its native token, ZEE. This can encourage more traders to use the platform and also help increase demand for ZEE, which can benefit the wider 0x ecosystem.

  • Better features: ZeroSwap has a few things that other decentralized exchanges don’t have, like limit orders and the ability to get paid for providing liquidity. These features can make the platform more attractive to traders and can help increase overall adoption of the 0x protocol.

  • Encouraging innovation: By giving grants to promising projects like Zeroswap, 0x is encouraging innovation in the blockchain space and helping to develop new use cases and applications for decentralized exchanges and liquidity aggregation. This could help the whole blockchain ecosystem in the long run by pushing the state of the art forward and opening up new possibilities.

  • Building partnerships and collaborations: By supporting Zeroswap, 0x can build relationships with other blockchain projects and communities, potentially leading to new partnerships and collaborations in the future. This could help to expand the reach and impact of the 0x ecosystem.


The integration of ZeroSwap into the 0x ecosystem presents significant benefits for the platform. By expanding the use case of the 0x API system, ZeroSwap brings about increased liquidity, an improved user experience, reduced fees, and the introduction of new functionalities. With these advantages, ZeroSwap has the potential to attract a larger user base, increase revenue, and ultimately contribute to the growth and success of the protocol.

Hello, Zeroswap team :wave:
Regarding the specifics of your grant application:

1/ It isn’t clear from your application what new use case Zeroswap is building on top of 0x APIs. Please clarify.

2/ As a metaDEX aggregator, Zeroswap has already integrated the 0x API and the $40k for product development that you describe appears to be generalized to your product vs anything specific to 0x. Is this correct?

3/ With regards to the other components of your funding request, it seems this funding would be used to subsidize Zeroswap operations and costs, but would not necessarily benefit the 0x protocol, as metaDEX aggregators integrate many protocols and volume flow tends to be determined based on protocol performance and realized pricing. Please explain in more detail how these activities could benefit 0x protocol (other than increasing overall Zeroswap volume, some of which might flow through 0x). For example, do you have any data showing the distribution of Zeroswap volume for the DEX aggregator protocols you have integrated?

4/ I am unclear on how increased demand for the Zeroswap native token (ZEE) would benefit the wider 0x ecosystem – please provide more clarity on this.

5/ We are definitely interested in increasing 0x orderbook depth and activity, so please provide any data you have regarding historical Zeroswap orderbook volume and differentiators that could increase orderbook volume/activity in the future.

6/ We are eager to increase innovation, so please provide any examples of Zeroswap innovation that could support your grant request.

Hi Nikita, Thanks for the follow-up questions. Here is the relevant information for the questions:

1/ Currently, Zeroswap is using 0x APIs to fulfill swap requests. As part of our product development roadmap, we plan to build a meta aggregator that provides multiple routing options for transactions. Since 0x offers the best route and Zeroswap offers gasless trading, Zeroswap will always be recommended as the best route to users. We plan to bundle multiple requests into one transaction using 0x APIs for batch trades. Additionally, to expand the ecosystem, we plan to add limit orders to the DEX using 0x APIs.

2/ As mentioned above our request for $40k is for product research and development, which will exclusively focus on building new features using the 0x ecosystem for DeFi use cases.

3/ One way that Zeroswap’s activities can benefit the 0x protocol is by increasing orderbook depth. By aggregating liquidity from multiple protocols, Zeroswap can help increase the depth of the 0x orderbook, making it more attractive to traders. Additionally, Zeroswap’s unique features, such as gasless trading, batch trades, and limit orders, could attract new users to the 0x ecosystem who may not have used decentralized exchanges before. This could inspire other projects to build on top of 0x and other protocols, further expanding the ecosystem. While we do not have data on the distribution of Zeroswap volume for the DEX aggregator protocols we have integrated, we are actively working on developing an order book with 0x and will share data once the feature is released.
Here is the reference how the DEX will look like :

4/ Increased demand for ZEE can benefit the wider 0x ecosystem in a couple of ways. First, ZEE can be used as a gas token or can be converted to native gas to run the protocol on the Zeroswap platform, which can help drive more usage of the platform and potentially increase trading volume on 0x. Second, increased demand for ZEE could lead to more liquidity for the token, which could in turn lead to more liquidity for 0x and other protocols on the Zeroswap platform.

5/ We are dedicated to increasing the orderbook depth and activity on Zeroswap, and are actively pursuing 0x integrations to achieve this goal. Currently, we have started development of the order book with 0x. While we cannot provide any data on the orderbook at this time, we are committed to sharing relevant information once the feature is released. Our focus on increasing user acquisition will enable us to gather valuable data that can inform our efforts to improve orderbook volume and activity.

6/ Zeroswap has a strong focus on innovation and is constantly exploring new ways to improve the user experience. Some examples of our recent innovations include:

  • Our exclusive use of 0x technology for improved efficiency and security.
  • The development of our Gasless APIs and SDK, which are already being used by Frontier wallet and in discussions with Krystal defi.
  • Leaderboard Quests that increase user engagement on our platform.
  • Account abstraction for improved user privacy.
  • Our efforts to bring multiple DeFi protocols under one roof, including launchpads, lending and borrowing, predictions, lottery, and limit orders.
  • Our unique lossless investment model, which enables users to earn rewards and invest in the Zeroswap ecosystem without reducing their capital.
  • Instant refuel of gas tokens on multiple chains using 0x liquidity, which enhances user experience and convenience. These innovative features are key to our mission of building a robust, user-friendly DeFi platform, and we are committed to continuing to explore new ways to improve our offering.