Potentially attracting new Matcha users through interactive gaming features?

At this time the Matcha user attraction is based on a find the best possible pricing model. I like to refer to this model as the “Expedia” model. An aggregator to find the best pricing for a particular product. As user density increases with greater use of the DeFi ecosystem, this model will only grow with attraction. Can Matcha attract users by means of any additional formats? I have been thinking about adding an interactive gaming feature to help attract more user density.

The gaming feature revolves around leader boards that track trading efficiency among users. Traders can be enticed to trade against one another for coveted leader board positions that can potentially be tied to awards, prizes and potentially much more. The leader board interactivity and prize features can be a strong attraction and a method to grow user interactivity among the DeFi space. If a prize consists of digital playing cards for example for an emerging interactive game, such a prize works to benefit the initial project providing the prize and the project that gains exposure by luring the prize winner to play the interactive game with the playing cards that the user had won. Prizes and benefits can be native or combinations of options paired with other projects wishing to provide collateral to gain exposure.

How can a leader board be developed and be maintained without setting up centralized KYC accounts? One possibility exists around a metadata token that can store a user’s trading activity. Once a user would establish a basic interactive account, the interactive account would be paired with a metadata token. A metadata token would be minted for a specific user with their trading #ID which would correlate with their trading history that would be stored within the metadata token. When a user connects their DeFi wallet to Matcha, Matcha would read the metadata token stored within the user’s DeFi wallet and continue to track their activity. A new token would be minted after their session completion and deposited into their wallet while burning the outdated token.

The metadata token is transferable to any DeFi wallet. If the user loses their metadata token then they will have to start over in creating an interactive account that would be paired again with a new metadata token #ID that would track their trading history. I look forward to hearing some feedback on this idea. Let me know how abysmally bad the idea is or potentially how good it can be. Have fun with it.

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