Relayer DAO - proposal

I want to make a proposal - Relayer DAO. this would be a mostly opensource DAO to run a relayer in a distributed effort. This originated in the discord, so I want to record some of that discussion here.


would 0x benefit from an opensource relayer? would be interested to hear more views on this

Technically our launch kit could be considered an open-source relayer. With all of the technical tools that we now provide to easily bring up a relayer, IMO the bigger challenge is the business aspects of running one which would be more difficult to open-source/crowd-fund. Just my personal thoughts but I’d also like to hear other perspectives.

BenMacroheute um 11:13 Uhr

@Brent | 0x interesting. so running an exchange/relayer as a kind of distributed corporation would be the challenge? I am carefully looking at the launchkit and the new frontend. if you could go into more detail wrt to the problems of incentives(bearbeitet)

say even if everything is available including the relayer logic, the rest is marketing and operational costs? what would be the benefit to 0x itself? I would assume one issue is biasing towards 1 or the other relayer? I think 0x is a great ecosystem. currently there could be some more competition and dynamic maybe in terms of relayers and their models

IMO it’s still very early for relayer business models and we’re all excited to see how the relayer ecosystem develops.

added some additional relayer ideas in his blog post which was also an awesome read -

In general, we hope to remove as much of the initial hurdle required to bring up relayer which previously was the technical knowledge required to build one. With launch kit and all of the dev tools we’ve made available, bringing up a relayer is now the easy part. Building (and potentially funding) the business model, establishing your market, and successfully executing is where there’s going to be work involved. (i.e. running a business :grin:)

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