[Request for Comment] New 0x Protocol Website


In the spirit of 0x Protocol’s decentralization and ownership by the community, we are initiating a two-step process to build a refreshed institutional website for 0x Protocol and its community.

Call to action: If you are interested in building the website, please read this post, fill out the template, and post your application in the thread. Please also feel free to ask any clarifying questions in the New 0x Protocol Website — Questions & Feedback thread or in the 0x Protocol Website Forum Channel on Discord.


0x Protocol’s decentralization roadmap started with 0x Labs tasked with building and bootstrapping 0x Protocol and ends with the broader set of stakeholders collectively owning and influencing the protocol — 0x Labs would transition to be one of many stakeholders.

Up to now, the protocol’s web presence has been on 0x.org and coupled with 0x Labs and its products (0x API, Matcha, etc.). In progressing with the decentralization roadmap, 0x Protocol, as an open source public good owned by the community, should have its own dedicated institutional website.

0x Labs has already engaged with a design firm to help refresh the identity of 0x Protocol and this forum post is to kick-off a community effort to bring it from the design files to a live website.

What’s in scope/out of scope of 0x Protocol Website

The goal of a new institutional website is to serve as the canonical source of truth for all things related to 0x Protocol: educational content for new stakeholders to learn about the protocol and the ecosystem already built on top of it, narrative documentation for people to understand the mission and vision of the protocol, technical documentation for people who want to build on top of or contribute to the protocol, and governance portal for both protocol upgrade and treasury disbursement.

Below is a draft (that will likely change!) of new site architecture for a new 0x Protocol Website that achieves the goal described above:


Below is the full set of milestones for the overall build of a new 0x Protocol Website but this forum post is intended to start the process of recruiting developers to work on this project (steps 1-4).

  1. Open application w/o price specifications
  2. Interview (performed by @ericwong and @mintcloud)
  3. Selected applicants provide price specifications
  4. Select website developer
  5. Public discussion and vote to obtain funding from Community Treasury
  6. Familiarize with 0x protocol and existing design files
  7. Development
  8. Staging
  9. Testing & Q&A
  10. Launch

Application Template

If you’d like to be considered to build the new 0x Protocol Website, reply to this forum thread using the following template — individuals and teams are equally encouraged to apply. Please leave the prompts intact and answer on the same line.

Contact information (email, twitter, discord):
Link to past work (Github, portfolio, personal/company website):
Conflicts of Interest: [optional]

Applications are to be considered on a rolling basis - @mintcloud and @ericwong will keep this forum updated with the initial screening process and when there is a sufficient shortlist of candidates to move forward to the next phase of final selection.

Project Requirements

  • Mandatory
    • Open source development practices
    • Thorough documentation
  • Desirable
    • Decentralized/Open source hosting service


To conclude, we want to establish that a 0x Protocol Website is a 0x community asset, meaning that it’s built by and for the community.

With that in mind, we’d like to open up an open bounty to refresh the website with the design files that 0x Labs worked on in collaboration with a design firm.

We hope this will open up more opportunities to expand community participation from voting to building concrete parts of the 0x platform and serve as a model that can be applied to other parts of the 0x ecosystem.


Name/Company: Ebe David Temiloluwa
ENS/Address: 0x033a4e5fbefb48d4a2627a5ae96e427e3612f728
Contact information (email, twitter, discord): davidebe63@gmail.com, @lolu__x , Lolu#0638
Link to past work (Github, portfolio, personal/company website): i’ve worked across a range of software products, solving problems with my engineering skills, i could approach the potential problems that your software product might have with these experiences. I also have proficient experience(3 years) with
Web development, here are some projects i’ve worked on/ built in the past: https//:carlossy.io
https://main-website.stickerkeen.com https://overseerslabs.xyz
Check my github
thisdotLolu (Lolu) · GitHub
Conflicts of Interest: [optional]
[/quote] none


Name/Company: João Campos/DexKit
ENS/Address: 0x5265Bde27F57E738bE6c1F6AB3544e82cdc92a8f
Contact information (email, twitter, discord): info@dexkit.com
Link to past work (Github, portfolio, personal/company website): DexKit · GitHub
Conflicts of Interest: 0x Delegate


Name/Company: GFX Labs
ENS/Address: gfxlabs.eth
Contact information email: governance@gfxlabs.io & twitter: @labsGFX
Link to past work


Developer DAO - Agency
ENS/Adress: 0xcEB2DF2B49a299d70918B69F093dE83F91F518d3
Contact information: @d_d_agency_web3 / Developer DAO
Link to past work: https://agency.developerdao.com/

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Hey y’all, wanted to give a brief update here in terms of timeline.

@mintcloud and I have reached out to and have had preliminary conversations with the teams that have applied so far. We have invited a subset of those teams to move forward in the process and provide a public proposal.

The timeline for that is currently held up by us at 0x Labs where we’ve been a little behind schedule in generating the appropriate level of design and content fidelity for the teams to accurate scope the amount of work it’ll be. I want to apologize to the community for this delay but rest assured we are working on this and are excited to share our ideas with the community when they’re ready!

If you have any questions/commens/concerns please share the in this thread: New 0x Protocol Website -- Questions & Feedback Thread - #3 by ericwong

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Hey 0x Protocol community, after some internal conversations and meetings with dev teams, we’ve decided to split the original scope of work described in this post into two components: (1) new 0x Protocol website and (2) new 0x Protocol Governance Portal.

The rationale for splitting up the scope of work is that upon reflection, both components are full scopes of work individually that involve slightly different skillsets - new 0x Protocol website calls for more traditional web development and a new 0x Protocol Governance Portal calls for dApp experience. As such, it makes sense to consider each component as its own project. This does not prevent the possibility that the same individual/team from putting in a bid and being selected to develop both components.

To kick-off this separate Request For Proposals, a separate forum thread is created here.

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