[Suggestion] Collaboration with Aion Network

I’ve been following the 0x project since mid last year and, late last year, I found out about the Aion network, a project that aims to bring scalability and interoperability into the world of blockchain networks, much like how TCP/IP propelled the internet into global mass-adoption. They believe that there will be no single blockchain network that will dominate the entire market i.e. there will be unique networks that cater to specific business needs, and that they will enable the transfer of both value and logic across disparate networks. I think that partnering with them could enable true cross-chain, decentralized, 0x-powered relayers, which will lead to greater exchange liquidity/efficiency and boost adoption in a positive-feedback loop.

0x team and 0x community members, what do you think? I’ve made similar post to the Aion network forum, and there’s definitely interest in this possibility. What would be the best way to contact the team regarding this?

EDIT: One of their team members is interested in setting up a meeting. 0x team, please let me know if you are interested.

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