Support ERC721 Orders In 0x API

The improved v4 support for NFTs is awesome to see and can’t wait for the final vote. Sounds like there isn’t a firm commitment to add support for ERC721 orders to the 0x API. Wanted to start a thread about it here.

Adding those orders to the API would be huge. The ability to offload the backend engineering of saving/searching for orders would be huge. And, the aggregation of NFT order data could really blow open the doors. This would be a game changer and accelerate adoption.

Dapp developers are now used to the blockchain as their database, so having to write backend infrastructure can be challenging. See this post:

Would love for the 0x team to chime in here on roadmap for the ability to post/search ERC721 offers from the 0x API


According to the Discord answer by Jessica regarding “there will available Graphs for the NFT’S on v4 for each chain, or this needs to be done by the community?” and “0x API will support NFT orderbook?” , it seems ZRX team will add NFT orders on ZRX API to happen “soon-ish”


It isn’t clear if they are committed to doing it in house or if they are seeking the community to submit a PR…


And the 0x http API codebase is so opaque and undocumented that there is no way the “community” could do this.


Hi @cryptodate - late to the party here, but I just saw your post! Are you still looking for more support for ERC721 orders? I’d love to revive this thread and listen to your concerns.

I’ve developed an API that allows anyone using any programming language to create orders on the 0x protocol (721, and soon 1155 if there is demand) for NFTs. This API is similar to the 0x Swap API, but specifically designed for NFT order creators like market makers or NFT marketplaces. It can be accessed through GraphQL or REST API with a single request, and returns call data for both the maker and taker that can be easily settled on the blockchain. This makes it easy for users to discover, evaluate, and implement the 0x Order protocol.

You can see my other thread about it here and I’d be happy to share an access key so you can test it out!