0x network effects

As a thought experiment, I was thinking the other day about all projects that have ever existed since Satoshi published the whitepaper in 2008 that have made an impact in a lasting way that are in alignment with the ethos that Satoshi set out in his paper. Bitcoin’s contribution is foundational, because it is only because of Satoshi that we are here. If we take Ethereum, it was the first decentralized smart contract platform with network effects that enabled the birth of many decentralized networks and applications. Imagine a world without Ethereum. It is as difficult to imagine without as a world without Bitcoin. If you take Chainlink, the first decentralized oracle network. DeFi would not work without decentralized oracles that reliably and truthfully connect the defi world to the real world. The list goes on, but actually there are not that many that keep Satoshi’s principles in mind.

As to 0x, what makes it unique is that it is a network that connects to all liquidity across different networks in such a way that it allows ordinary people to trade with the best prices factoring all costs, in the most decentralized way. What makes 0x unique? There are plenty of AMMs, and there are many DEXes. There are many exchanges that will offer semi decentralized EVM-compatible versions of Ethereum in a more centralized manner to offer faster settlement at cheaper prices. That is not the future we need. The path needs to be towards decentralization. How can 0x offer almost the same degree of decentralization but settle faster and at lower costs in order to make it sustainable for everyone. What makes 0x unique is that it is not an AMM, it is not a DEX. It is the network that connects all these things, blockchain-agnostic, and in such a way that it offers front-end user experiences such as Matcha that have been recognized as the best gateway to execute trades.

We need to build network effects upon what makes 0x unique. We need to openly recognize what makes 0x unique, so everyone can be in alignment of harnessing network effects around that. So all the different stakeholders can focus on strengthening what makes 0x unique. This world changes so quickly, so focus is very important.