Retrieving wEth from 0x contract

Hi all,

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. I’m writing this on behalf of my friend (please excuse the noob mistake of sending tokens to the wrong contract). I’m assuming the funds are lost, but wanted to see if the contract possibly had a function to retrieve the weth.

He accidentally sent tokens to a 0x coinbase proxy contract 0x: Coinbase Wallet Proxy | Address 0xe66b31678d6c16e9ebf358268a790b763c133750 | Etherscan (he used this address in the transaction prior to stake eth on coinbase). The tokens were automatically swapped to wEth (I’m assuming some fallback function), and then the weth was sent to this contract : Contract Address 0xdc50c8250cd6348d8f5f4e58a0d7b77ccff9878c | Etherscan .

I tried looking at the contract to see if there was a way I could manually have the weth sent back, but cannot figure out a way. Any help would be tremendously appreciated.

Here is the transaction of the token being automatically swapped to weth - Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan .

Thank you!