Some advantages in centralized exchanges can be copied to decentralized exchanges

There are many centralized and decentralized platforms in fact centralized platforms own big part in market maybe bigger than decentralized platforms

Of course there are differences between centralized and decentralized platforms but in fact centralized platforms own big part in market maybe bigger than decentralized platforms

but many advantages in centralized platforms can be simulated in a way that not conflict with
it means get greater share of market and be able to attract users use centralized platforms

When they see many of features simulated in decentralized platform and at same time platform is still the same as it offers same advantages as a decentralized platform

Some of these features


Offering peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading service
If service is limited only to exchanging one token for another without transferring to funds
it can easily be simulated on decentralized platform this means entering new market

Chart screen for trading and Japanese candles

Building chart screen for trading and Japanese candles this is a great advantage for many traders centralized platforms are different from decentralized ones but can be simulated that by way close to the central platforms

a lot of users prefer Japanese charts, numbers and candles and accustomed to trading on the platforms that offer this screen

Staking (proof-of-stake)

add feature Staking (proof-of-stake) will be useful It will be a new service provided by the platform, and it does not conflict with decentralization

Futures and Perpetual

There are many central and non-centralized platforms that provide this service but it is not available in Sushi If it is added it means entering into a new additional market

Trying to search for features on other platforms and thinking about adding to Decentralized

Perhaps some decentralized platforms already have some of these features
But what I’m thinking about is building a centralized trading platform that has a lot of advantages of centralized platforms

One of my ideas was to build a platform that combines the advantages of centralization and decentralization I think it’s possible

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