Team Proposal mixmore as Senior Finance Analyst at 0x

Team Proposal mixmore as Senior Finance Analyst at 0x

I am member in 0x community and I am very interested in 0x project
I believe in the potential of 0x and its ability to be a pioneer in Crypto and Blockchain industry

also I have deep knowledge, passion and interest in the crypto and blockchain industry, especially DeFi(Decentralized Finance)
I am completely involved in the world of Crypto and DeFi

I hope to get a chance to join 0x team and there is an open role -Senior Finance Analyst- I think it’s still open

I believe that I have the skills, experience and capabilities for this role and I can to help 0x build more success

Summary about me

I have a very great passion and interest in the crypto industry especially in DeFi(Decentralized Finance) , NFT non fungible token, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized web. web3,metaverse
I have a deep knowledge in the field of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Web3
and of course interested in 0x project

I am completely involved in the world of Crypto and DeFi

I am a member in many DAOs forums and Discord especially DeFi DAOs Like Uniswap ,SushiSwap and 1hive
I am also a member of the DappRadar , Lido , BadgerDAO forums and other forums in the crypto world
I’m crazy about the world of blockchain, especially decentralized finance
Through my follow-up to all the new and my interest and participation in the crypto and DeFi forums
In fact, I have an excellent background in crypto industry

In addition I am accountant, I am also a programmer
and I have a background in smart contracts, web3, and of course Ethereum and different blockchain networks ,NFT non fungible token ,Solidity for smart contracts on Ethereum
My knowledge in the world of blockchain also extends to programming and technical side I have a lot of knowledge about how Dapp programs work and how it built

I have deep knowledge about DAOs organizations, governance, technical and software details

My passion for this world extends from trading to programming for web3

About Knowledge of DeFi mechanics and blockchain explorers

I can work with different blockchain explorers
Not only as a user, I have developed software tools that are able to collect data from them automatically

I previously built a program by Python programming language and Selenium library
capable of scraping and collecting data from a Polygon (Polygonscan) automatically

and about DeFi mechanics as I mentioned before, I am a programmer and interested in programming smart contracts and interested in web3
so I have a deep understanding of DeFi mechanics

and I am already a member in 0x forum also 0x discord and I am very interested in this project

About me as a financial analyst

Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Accounting Department in 2005

I have great experience in the financial and accounting field
I am accountant with great experience and excellent financial skills
I have knowledge of financial accounting, financial analysis, cost accounting, preparing financial statements, managing financial risks, financial analysis, preparing budgets, forecasting, financial models, financial planning, taxes and accounting standards.
I have worked in many places in the financial field and have many achievements in many places

I have a background in financial side in crypto industry, especially in DeFi

I have worked in financial and accounting field in many companies and activities for long years
I have excellent practical experience and helped many companies in developing their financial and accounting systems

I am an excellent programmer specialist in accounting and management software
and I previously had my own business in the field of accounting and management software, but it end now
I built complex and large programs that are used by many customers in world in many countries

Examples of my work in programming
My youtube channel

I use my software experience to build tools that help me develop the accounting work in any company I work for

I have built complete ERP program before, no exaggeration, yes complete ERP program

Other points about me

I have experience and interest in start-up companies. In fact, in the past, I was the founder of Startup

I worked as freelancer for a long time I dealt with different nationalities around the world --I have a great ability to work remotely

I also have skills that I gained through my long journey in multiple fields.

I have a variety of skills and experiences such as accounting, programming, e-marketing, operations, human resources, graphic design, systems analysis, business intelligence ,automation, content writing , marketing research, training teams

My combination of financial and software capabilities makes me able to build tools that help 0x in developing its financial system

Financial analysis is very important to 0x

Please download more information about me from this link

I am open to communicate and provide more information about me

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