Z-2 0x/Polygon Grant Budget for 0xEVE


We propose additional funding be allocated to the 0x Ecosystem Value Experiment (0xEVE) due to a change in conditions from the original budget proposal. The purpose is not so much to increase the budget as it is to enable access to the MATIC that was allocated to the Treasury after 0xEVE was established and to expand the original goals to include use cases on the Polygon Network.


A proposal to establish the 0x Ecosystem Value Experiment (0xEVE) was passed in early June with a budget of 400K ZRX, which was then transferred to the 0xEVE multisig to fund operations. Shortly afterwards, 0xLabs and 0xPolygon allocated 3.3M ZRX and 4.2M MATIC to the 0xDAO Treasury with the shared goal of bringing 1M new users to the Polygon Network via 0x-powered applications.

Since that time, 0xEVE has established a grant program and published a framework for projects seeking support from the 0xDAO. However, because 0xEVE has no access to these new funds, it will be extremely difficult given the current market conditions (and the commensurate devaluation of our operating budget in USD terms) for us to incorporate this new goal into the grant program in any meaningful way, particularly because we are not able to spend any of the MATIC in the Treasury.

Request for Approval

In keeping with the original structure of the budget where ~10% of the Treasury was allocated to 0xEVE to fund opportunities, we propose that 10% of the new funding (ZRX and MATIC) be allocated to 0xEVE to fund activities associated with this new initiative. A separate multisig will be set up to manage and track these expenditures.

Compensation will remain as authorized in the original budget, and the new funding will be allocated 100% to grants and other operational activities specific to Polygon. In accordance with the grant program framework, this will enable 0xEVE to fast track grants under $50k using its own budget, while larger grants will require an onchain community vote and will be awarded from Treasury funds.

Additionally, as 0x protocol deploys to additional chains, for any future allocations from similar joint initiatives, we recommend that they be structured the same way (90/10 split between the Treasury and 0xEVE) so that 0xEVE can actively participate in evaluating, distributing, and managing grants and other associated efforts designed to accelerate adoption and ecosystem value capture.

As stipulated in Z-1, 0xEVE is a limited-duration experiment (26 weeks) and any funds not used will be returned to the Treasury when the experiment concludes.

Action Required

Transfer 330,813 ZRX and 420,000 MATIC to 0xEVE (multisig TBD).

Snapshot Vote

  1. Yes, allocate 10% of the new funding to 0xEVE
  2. No, all new funding remains in the Treasury