0x Polygon Joint Grants Program

Post successful passing of 0x/Polygon Grants Structure this post is to clearly define the grant scope and process.

Total Amount Received from the Treasury: 675,830 MATIC & 498,385 ZRX. This amount is held under custody of 3/4 Multisig from 2 Employees at Polygon Labs (Myself and Yohaan) and Patrick and Joao from 0x Community. The custody in no way provides ownership of funds to anyone who is the multisig owner.

The multisig address is: eth:0x700EacB2cab3E288904881Ef1D9F9f81cB35A5f1

General Rules:

  1. This grant program will be valid from 20th November 2023 to 20th April 2024.

  2. The grants will be divided into 4 categories which are:

a) Infrastructure Grants [ 50%, Available Funds: 337,915 MATIC, 249,192 ZRX]

b) Integration Grants [25%, Available Funds: 168,958 MATIC, 124,596 ZRX]

c) Educational Campaigns, Hackathons and Events [20%, Available Funds: 135,166 MATIC, 99,677 ZRX]

d) Operational Grants [5%, Available Funds: 33,791 MATIC, 24,920 ZRX]

  1. For every proposal that is posted under this category the applicant will have to mention that the application has been applied for under this category.

  2. All the proposals posted on the forum will have a two week discussion window for grants, post which there will be a snapshot vote. To be eligible to get the grant, the application has to cross 5M votes in favor and votes in favor should always be more than votes casted against the application on the Snapshot application.

  3. List Item: The grants disbursal will happen in two stages. 50% of the grant amount will be disbursed at the time of successful approval of application, and balance will be disbursed once the KPIs are met which have to be clearly mentioned in the application.

  4. If the grant amount in a particular category is exhausted, a snapshot vote can reallocate the rewards from other categories.

Details for grants application:

  1. Infrastructure Grants: This amount is to be used to build new open source infra on both 0x & Polygon Chains. Anything built using this amount will be open source and can be leveraged by anyone in the community as part of public goods infra. The max dollar amount of the grant cannot exceed $50,000 at the time of application.

  2. Integration Grants: There are a great number of grant requests for integrating 0x API and other infra built by 0x on Polygon Chains. This integration is not a heavy lift and is hence subject to a maximum of $15K ask at the time of application. Since 0x API’s come with a pricing, any project applying here, will have to share which pack is being used out of the four categories namely Free, Starter, Growth and Enterprise. (Please note, the integration grant cannot be used to pay for these packs.) All the applications have to provide an estimated transactions and volume on chain, they are anticipating along with the 6 month projected volume. Once the project reaches its 3 Month projected volume (+/- 10%), the balance 50% of the grant will be given. You can look at the pricing here. In case the volume is not reached in 3 months, the balance 50% grant will expire.

  3. Educational Campaigns, Hackathons, Events:

  • Educational Campaigns: Subject to a maximum of $15K, the grants to be given to create content both technical and non-technical in the form of twitter threads, blogs, videos and quests that can be built by third parties to boost users on Polygon Chains & 0x.

  • Hackathons: Subject to a maximum of $15K, these funds to be used for cross pollinating and funding hackathons by 0x and Polygon Chains. The funds to be used to provide bounty and prizes for hackathon winners around it.

  • Events: There are over 100 Polygon guilds across the world which are working on growing the Web3 ecosystem around Polygon. For any event which is being run by the guilds, and subject to them also promoting the developer ecosystem of 0x, these funds could be used. Subject to a maximum of $1000 or a blanket 10 event budget of $10K for 10 events this fund can be utilized.

Please note: When you apply for the grant in this category, there has to be some previous experience that needs to be shared, so as to evaluate the applications in a better manner.

  1. Operational Grant: For the operational grant, at $100Hour, and 20 hours a month, the work for contributor would be to:

a) Run a monthly newsletter updating all the details of the forum around the grant program and enroll as many people as possible.

b) To share monthly, a balance sheet of amounts spent and left in the treasury.

c) Have a communication channel on telegram with all high voting members and ensure that he shares all information of grant applications in the group.

Polygon has already found someone to help contribute to the same. Payment will be done on a monthly basis to the contributor. The date of start of the operational grant will be the date when this proposal is put into the forum.

An ideal application to include:

  1. Project Name
  2. Project Website
  3. Project Description
  4. Project Socials
  5. Detailed application on where the funds have to be used and under which category.
  6. Clearly defined KPIs which can be objectively measured, to access 50% completion and disbursal of remaining grant.
  7. Amount Requested denoted in $ amount. The price will be determined based on the close rate of either tokens on CoinMarketCap the day the snapshot vote closes as per IST timezone.
  8. Payment Wallet Address. This address should be a multisig and should be on Ethereum.
  9. Past experience and details about the team. Links to profiles and projects are always welcome.
  10. Projected volume in case of integration grant.
  11. How this helps 0x and Polygon ecosystem growth.
  12. Anything else needed to solidify your application.
  13. Point of contact and the best way to reach out.

The application will be evaluated using the Rubic cube:

Grant Proposal Scoring Rubric

As earlier proposed by 0xNikita, a grant proposal scoring rubric would be used. A maximum score of 37 is possible, and we recommend that for a proposal to be moved to snapshot, it should achieve a minimum score of 22.

Merits 1 2 3 4 5
Team qualifications Unclear ability or motivation to deliver on plan Potentially able to deliver on plan Reasonable chance to deliver on plan Likely to deliver on plan Exceeds what is required to deliver on plan
Likelihood of success Clear flaw in design or strategy that cannot be easily remedied Difficult to see the project being successful Reasonable chance for intermediate-to-long-term success Likely to have long-term success Substantial likelihood of long-term success
Experimentation and Uniqueness Virtual copy of other projects in a crowded field Exhibits minor differentiation, but resembles other projects; Not novel Utilizes existing tech or infrastructure but has novel applications or use cases Novel in its use of technology or expands the reach of 0x Protocol to new users Expands the limits of 0x Protocol via protocol-level features, functionality, or infrastructure
Benefit to 0x Protocol Ecosystem Unlikely to bring substantial usage or value to the 0x Protocol ecosystem Has the potential to bring substantial usage or value to the 0x Protocol ecosystem Likely to bring substantial usage or value to the 0x Protocol ecosystem Has the potential to generate long-term, sustainable value for the 0x Protocol ecosystem Likely to generate long-term, sustainable value for the 0x Protocol ecosystem
Risk Assessment
Work plan Little to no detail describing the proposed work to be done Minimal level of detail describing the proposed work to be done Reasonable level of detail describing the proposed work to be done Thoughtful plan demonstrating a mature approach for managing the work to be done Thoughtful plan referencing timeline, milestones, deliverables, metrics, and/or desired outcomes
Budget detail Little to no detail describing how the funds will be used Minimal detail describing how the funds will be used Reasonable level of detail describing how the funds will be used Reflects a thoughtful cost buildup approach Connects budget to timeline, milestones, deliverables, and/or desired outcomes
Grant size Grant size significantly outweighs projected benefit Grant size is considerably larger than expected benefit Grant size is proportional to expected benefit Expected benefit outweighs grant size Expected benefit meaningfully exceeds grant size

The rubric cube is to be used by the evaluators and posted in the forum of discussion. An average would be taken of all the reviews posted to arrive at the final score.

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